"Burrow Girl" is the first episode of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. It premiered on Netflix with the rest of season 1 on January 14, 2020. It was written by Bill Wolkoff and directed by Radford Sechrist.

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Swept from her safe burrow, Kipo emerges in a wild surface world full of weird mutant animals. Will her new friends Wolf and Mandu help her get home?

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Warning: the following text contains spoilers about the plot or the series.

The world as it is now.

In the far future, (about the year 2220) the surface world is overtaken by wild vegetation and animal mutants. a teenage girl named Kipo is flushed through the sewers from her underground burrow. Unfortunately, the sewer gets blocked off by crumbling stone.

Alone, she sees Dubstep Bees and Mega mute birds. While apprehensive at first, meeting a cute pig she names Mandu, energizes Kipo. While bonding together at an abandoned school, Kipo comes across Mega Bunnies and can't resist the urge to pet them. When their mother comes for them, Kipo sneaks away, but shortly after, Mandu is taken.

Mandu is the first friendly mute Kipo's met on the surface and is understandably protective when a surface human plans to eat the pig.

Wolf saves Kipo from some dangerous flora, Death Ivy.

The surface human girl wears a wolf pelt, so Kipo calls her Wolf. After Mandu escapes, Wolf reluctantly agrees to take Kipo back to her burrow after seeing how hopeless she is in navigating the dangerous surface.

While scavenging an old market, Wolf picks up a spot remover, when they're hunted down by the mother Mega Bunny. Kipo led her right to them when she luxuriated in the baby bunnies earlier and catching their scent. When they manage to escape, Wolf sprays her with deodorizer to get rid of the smell.

Kipo and Wolf use what looks like an old office building to get a higher birds-eye-view for a clue to the burrow. All Kipo really knows is that their symbol is a clover. Which is enough when they spot a cloverleaf interchange; a highway in the shape of a clover.

Wolf vs. Jamack and Mod Frog.

The office turns out to belong to the Mod Frogs. And that specific office belongs to Jamack. The species to very particular about keeping pristine and looking good in their fitted suits, so when Wolf stains Jamack's shirt, she holds the stain remover as a bargaining chip to let them go. However, Kipo as a burrow-human is very prime prey.

Kipo and Wolf use the spot remover as a distraction and escape and meet back up with Mandu. However, now they're being hunted by Jamack and two of his underlings. After a chase, Wolf manages to knock Jamack out with her scorpion weapon, Stalky.

The last thing they need is a crying baby.

The three quickly find shelter at an old house, but find a crying grub mute. And unfortunately, the cries alert the Mod Frogs to their whereabouts.

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You can find the transcript here: Burrow Girl/Transcript

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  • The date of expiration of the milk, October 23, 2020, is possibly a dual reference:
    • Season one of Kipo and The Age of the Wonderbeasts was released in 2020. 
    • Rad Sechrist's daughter was born on October 23rd. 
    • Additionally, October 23 is the date the atomic war set off the Fallout series, however this was confirmed to be an unintentional reference.[2]

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