Scarlemagne, formerly known as Hugo, is a mandrill mute who sits at the very top of Las Vistas' food chain using mind control and fear. He has an obsession with humans and bringing any survivors under his complete control.


Drawing inspiration from the Rococo period and famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Scarlemagne appears in knee-breeches and a red frocked coat with a coordinating bowtie while playing the piano. The rest of Scarlemagne's court dresses in similarly extravagant 18th-century European court attire involving powdered wigs, ruffles, ballgowns, and masks.


Scarlemagne is a flamboyant, pleasure-seeking individual with a memorable and obnoxious laugh. He is also narcissistic and sadistic in that he uses other creatures for personal gain (or entertainment) and enjoys their suffering. He holds a deep grudge against humans and wishes to enslave humanity.


Scarlemagne is slowly introduced as a formidable threat to both mutes and humans. His name alone inspires fear and for good reason: Scarlemagne has built an army of mutes for the sole purpose of tracking down and capturing all remaining human survivors in (and under) Las Vistas. Using special technology to harness and distribute his powerful Puppet Pheromones, Scarlemagne is virtually undefeatable. The mind control-capability of Scarlemagne's pheromone-infused collars is first depicted in Season 1, Episode 4: Cactus Town.

At some point in time, Scarlemagne interacted with humans and went by the name Hugo.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Puppet Pheromones - Scarlemagne's natural pheromones possess the unique ability to control the mind of any primate who inhales them.
  • Pianist - Scarlamange is shown to be a skilled pianist, regularly playing the piano.

Episode appearancesEdit


  • Scarlemagne was created to be "equal parts" Tom Hulce's portrayal of Mozart in the 1984 movie "Amadeus" and the DC comics villain Joker.[2]
  • His name is a combination of "Scar" (his facial appearance having prominent scars) and "Charlemagne" (a prominent figure known for creating a powerful Frankish realm in post-Roman Europe, befitting his ambitions as a conqueror).


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