Wolf is the deturagonist of the Netflix Original, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. She is a tough-as-nails surface traveler who worked alone until she met Kipo.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Wolf is a short, female human with brown skin, light brown eyes, and curly black hair. She wears cuffed grey jeans, a black T-shirt, a mute wolf-skin cape, and two pieces of black fabric tied around her wrists. She carries a tall staff with a menacing red scorpion stinger that Benson said was a Deathstalker Tail which she stole from a deathstalker on the run from the mob frogs, on the end of one side, which she lovingly refers to as Stalky. In later episodes, Stalky gets by destroyed by Emilia. In further episodes, she has a pink flower hairpin that Kipo gave to her for their birthday.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Wolf is a serious and intelligent girl with major trust issues stemming from early childhood trauma. She was especially distrustful of mutes, especially mute wolves. As one of the few human survivors on the surface, Wolf values self-sufficiency, freedom, and strength. Despite her surly, lone wolf persona, Wolf is not immune to Kipo's unrelenting attempts at friendship. Her budding friendship with Kipo continues to challenge Wolf's hard-won lessons regarding survival, mutes, friendship, and trust.

She was cold and distrustful, but after meeting Kipo she learned how to have fun, how to trust others again, and the importance of helping others and not just herself. She is now even willing to trust and befriend Mutes thanks to Kipo's Influence.

History[edit | edit source]

At a very young age, Wolf was adopted by a family of wolf mutes. It is unknown about the true circumstances of her adoption or her real name. While not immediately accepted by the family's pups, Wolf eventually befriends her peers when gifted a matching daisy-chain friendship bracelet by a wolf pup named Margot that became her closest friend. After a year or more trusting, living, playing, and growing alongside her "pack," Wolf is blindsided when her wolf parents reveal that they were only training her to develop a "prey with their own strength" for their mute offspring to pursue. Wolf's betrayal multiplies when even her closest friend rejects her for being human. Wolf manages to escape afterward. This childhood trauma shapes her in a way that gives her a disliking towards mutes and a burning hatred for wolves.

After Wolf escapes, she was left to hunt and gather for food. When she was around 5 years old she stole a box of chocolate from the Mod Frogs and went into Deathstalker territory. Young Wolf lived in the house in the area, where she turned old playthings and other junk into weapons to fend off predator mutes (specifically Deathstalkers). She discovered a way to become undetectable to the Deathstalker by lowing her heart rate enough to not get detected. She managed to cut off one of the Deathstalker's tails, attaching it to a metal pole becoming Stalky. Wolf claims to have abandoned it an unknown point, although it is possible that she abandoned it recently after meeting Kipo.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Wolf is first seen as a shadow when she captures Mandu and Kipo follows them both to Wolf's camp. Kipo later rescues Mandu, much to Wolf's chagrin and Kipo then asks if Wolf can help her find her way back to her burrow. Though Wolf initially refuses, she changes her mind after becoming annoyed with Kipo's inexperience on the surface. After dealing with a Mega Bunny Mother and a Mod Frog, Jamack, Kipo and Wolf find the location of the burrow and begin their trip there. Unfortunately, the duo encounters the Mod Frogs again and gets trapped in a house with a baby mute grub.

Another human, Benson, meets Wolf and Kipo and tells them the baby mute is his friend, Dave. They join Wolf and Kipo and form a gang, with the goal of finding Kipo's home. Eventually, the gang finds Kipo's burrow, which has been destroyed. They continue their quest to find her people and to find the Mega Mute, who destroyed the burrow in the first place.

The group encounters groups of snakes, cats, wolves as they go on their adventure. Scarlemagne, a mute, is on a mission to find as many humans as possible to make them his servants. He wants Kipo to lead him to her burrow so he can trap her friends and family.

Kipo's father leaves her a letter, addressed to her with her birth sign- Aries. The letter includes a map that will lead her to the newly formed burrow. At first, Wolf hides the letter from Kipo, realizing that she really values Kipo's presence in her life and doesn't want to be left behind. Eventually, though, she hands it over.

The gang has to deal with a few more obstacles, like getting kidnapped by Jamack, but eventually, they find their way to Kipo's burrows backup settlement.

Wolf meets Kipo's father and friends and all seems well, until Scarlemagne and the flamingos attack and Kipo's father is captured.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Throughout Season 2, Wolf is by Kipo's side, helping her to save her family and friends by battling whatever obstacle comes their way. Wolf accompanies Kipo to the Chevre Sisters, where they learn that they must go to Kipos' parents' old burrow to discover more information about Kipo's powers.

After a near-death experience at Brunchington Beach, Kipo, Wolf, Benson, and Dave head to the land of the Deathstalkers to find the entrance to the burrow. There, Wolf admits that this was her old home. Kipo and Wolf enter Wolf's old home, where it is revealed that Wolf used to sleep on blow-up air guitars, practice using toys as weapons, and more. Wolf is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable about the Deathstalker scorpions. She tells Kipo that they can only detect people by hearing heartbeats. We learn how Wolf got her scorpion stick and became the warrior that she is today.

Wolf helps Kipo get into the burrow to get her anchor so that they can go fight Scarlemagne and save all of the humans. Along the way, Wolf battles Dr. Emilia, who breaks Stalky, Wolf's scorpion stick. Wolf is devastated but moves on because they are on a mission.

When Kipo fights Scarlemagne and eventually turns into a jaguar to save the day, Wolf and the gang are afraid Kipo won't be able to return to her human form because her photo anchor is lost. Wolf sings "Heroes on Fire", the song that she and Kipo sang in Wolf's old home, and Kipo is able to regain her human form. Wolf, Benson, and Dave realize that they are Kipo's anchor after all.

Wolf, Kipo, and the crew hear that Dr. Emilia has turned most of Kipo's people over to her cause of reverting all mutes back into normal animals so human civilization can rise again. They know that they must fight back.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Peak Human Condition - Wolf is resourceful, hypervigilant, flexible, and fast.
  • Stalky - She wields her staff like a weapon to vault, strike, block, or otherwise incapacitate her opponents using a fighting style similar to the martial art Bōjutsu. Additionally, the tip contains poison capable of knocking out and confusing and can be used as a hook to grab and climb.
  • Survival Skills - She has much knowledge of the mute, flora, and fauna of the surface. She is capable of identifying safe sources of food and water, avoiding contaminated and poisonous, and locating places to camp and make refuges. She can quickly adapt to the environment and judge what is the quick course of action to survive.

Episode appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Wolf was originally named Mandu. Currently, the name is used by a different character.[1]
  • One of her original concept design features in the body of a frog holding a bow.
  • She, along with Kipo, Mandu, and Dave are the only characters to appear in every episode of the series so far.
  • It is unknown what Wolf’s real name is since ‘Wolf’ was a nickname given to her by Kipo and was not once called by a name by her adopted wolf family. It is also unknown how she got adopted into the Wolf family.
  • In the episode "Twin Beaks", Kipo gives her a full name, "Wolfatha Christie The Fourth".
  • Wolf's surface rules and lessons for Kipo:
    • Lesson 1: Don't shout; it's "ringing the dinner bell".
    • Lesson 2: Don't tell anyone information that would indicate you're from a burrow.
    • Lesson 3: Never pass up a meal.
    • Lesson 5: Looking up gets you killed.
    • Lesson 7: Know when to run.
    • Rule 32: Stealth is your friend.
    • Rule 52: Standing water is a hard no.
    • Lesson 68: Never talk during a fight.
    • Rule 93: Don't trust anyone who talks to cheese.
  • Wolf wears a wolf over her head which is assumed to be the skin of one of the wolves from the pack, likely the mother due to having the similar markings on the ears same as the some Wolf is wearing. We got confirmation on Twitter by Rad Sechrist that Wolf didn't kill all the wolves.
  • According to Rad Sechrist, her parents are dead.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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