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Yumyan Hammerpaw was a leader of the Timbercats. He is an ally to Kipo and her friends.

He is currently a regular cat after Emilia used the mute cure on him.


Yumyan Hammerpaw was a large Timbercat, about seven feet tall. He has light gray fur with dark gray highlights. He has purple eyes, a beard and wears a light blue flannel shirt. He also has a guitar with a pink body.

After being reverted to a normal cat, he has dwindled in size but retains his eye color.


Yumyan Hammerpaw is a tough Timbercat. He is most of the time strong and brave, and very loud. He does his best to be a good leader to the Timbercats. However, he is sometimes a big softie. He sometimes finds it hard to show his soft side.


Yumyan Hammerpaw was the leader of the Timbercats. He is idolized by his comrades for his strength and bravery.

At some point, before Kipo's arrival on the surface, The Timbercats home was attacked by the Mega Monkey. Under the control of Emilia, the Mega Monkey stole The Scratching Tree, The Timbercat's most prized possession. Yumyan would then climb to the top of the canopy, and though the rest of The Timbercats believed he did so to face off against the Mega Monkey, in reality, he did so to escape the creature out of fear. For over three days, Yumyan remained stuck above the canopy.

Real Cats Wear Plaid

After Kipo and friends escaped the Timbercats, Kipo decided that she would climb above the canopy and retrieve Yumyan in order to win their favor. Once atop, Kipo finds Yumyan chasing a mute butterfly, calling it Charles and believing it to hold the spirit of The Scratching Tree.

Though Kipo quickly saw through this and after talking with Yumyan, he revealed the truth that he had run away from the Mega Monkey. Kipo then stated The Timbercats needed Yumyan more than the tree and Charles agreed. Despite this, Yumyan was still reluctant to going back down, which lead Kipo to jumping off with him. Yumyan came crashing back down along with Kipo, surprising all of the Timbercats who were grateful to see their leader again, giving Yumyan back his guitar.

Yumyan then marches with The Timbercats and Kipo, having his beard stylized by her, as they begin their quest to track down the Mega Monkey.

Cactus Town

Yumyan and the other Timbercats accompany Kipo and her friends to Cactus Town. The Timbercats' loud shouts wake up the Umlaut Snäkes, who fight them and capture them. He and his fellow Timbercats were saved from being eaten by Kipo, and ran to attack the Mega Mute Monkey when they were set free. After the monkey ran away, Yumyan gave Kipo a can of tuna, telling her to open it if she ever needed the Timbercats to help her. He returned to the Timbercats' forest with the other Timbercats, Scratching Tree in tow.

Beyond the Valley of the Dogs

Yumyan Hammerpaw reluctantly lent his pet flea Pierre to help Kipo and her friends get across the Valley of the Dogs on the condition they give him back.

Season 3

In Season 3, Yumyan supports Kipo and her HMUFA alliance. Tragically, he gets shot by one of Emilia's cure darts and he gets turned into a cat. Everyone mourns his loss. Cat Yumyan runs around hiding and sleeping in boxes.

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  • Yumyan is one of Rad Sechrist's favorite secondary characters.[1]
  • After being turned into a normal cat, Yumyan retains his magenta eyes despite it being an unnatural eye colour for cats likely caused by the mutagen that was reversed.
  • Despite his human-level intelligence and speech ability being reversed, Yumyan's behaviour indicates he may have some of his memories, which could mean other cured mutes may still retain memories of their past lives.
  • Rad Sechrist joked that the decision to cure Yumyan was made because it would 'cause the most pain [to the audience]', and Bill Wolkoff adding the decisions to create an irreversible cure and who it afflicted were to emphasize the seriousness of the stakes and loss and how heavy the consequences of Emilia's ideal world were.
  • He is the first Mute to get cured.
  • Yumyan Hammerpaw seems to be inspired from Paul Bunyan, a heroic lumberjack in folklore across America and Canada.


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